Scottish Terrier Bridget gets bulldogzed

Scottish Terrier in a snowy landscape
Who says February in Canada is terrible?

Bridget was enjoying a serene solo dog walk early on February 29th when, all of a sudden, many of the park regulars emerged out of nowhere and Mabel the bulldog took her for a walk.

Here’s the money shot:

Bulldog takes Scottish Terrier for a walk
Truth be told, Mabel did a better job than Bridget’s humans sometimes manage.

But I think Bridget would prefer that this type of thing could only happen on February 29th.

7 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier Bridget gets bulldogzed

  1. Wow, Bridget is sure a lot calmer than my girls would be. They would have turned and given Mabel a good shaking, and probably chased her out of the park!

    1. Bridget is a pretty calm dog about most things except:

      – Balls
      – Puppies who get in her face
      – joggers, skateboarders and cyclists accompanied by dogs

  2. That is so cute!! What a good sport Bridget is! Kudos to her. I’m sure if Bridget took off running that Bulldog would be dragging behind her – we know how fast Scotties are!

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