Two heartfelt tributes to much loved Scottish Terriers

John tells the story of Pierre much better than anyone else.

The late great Huckleberry the Scottish Terrier
The late, great Huckleberry

And Bob writes about Huckleberry, who graced the Scottie News with his presence on more than occasion:

We had to let Huckleberry Finn go on to meet his destiny.. The last of the original Cape Cod scottie group is now gone.His chest cavity was being flooded  so he couldn’t breathe so we had no choice but to let him go. he wasthe only Scottie who was mine alone and I had a hard time letting him go,, he used to go with me to many art and craft shows with me and he always was the best salesman and I will never forget when we went to Provincetown and people hung out of windows wanting to know who he was . I will miss him so…. of all the Scotties in my life he touched me the most…After all the rescue Scotties I didn’t think I could feel this way….

RIP, Pierre and Huck.

5 thoughts on “Two heartfelt tributes to much loved Scottish Terriers

  1. Bob, how my heart hurts for you. I too lost my Scottie to the same condition. I still miss my Spenceer!!!! Thank you for sharing some of your cherished thoughts about Huckleberry. Great name and handsome Scottie. God bless you……..

  2. Oh we are so sorry to hear of Huckleberry Finn passing. We still miss his sister, Bonnie The Scottie. We loved the Cape Cod videos on You Tube. The Best of Finn & Huckleberry Finn Bar Hop. But the picture we will always remember is the three Scots at the door in the snow with their winter knit caps on.
    My the ground lay light over you Huckleberry, we will miss you.
    Sweet William The Scot & Lee

  3. So sorry it is never easy, I am scottieless at the moment after loosing my Bonnie Lass and I guess one of the good things to say to ourselves is that they had us, as their life companions and we absolutely spoiled them.

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