Westie Wednesday: help for the itchies

Announcement from Westies in Need: A special seminar

Itchy Westie?

Feel Like You’ve tried EVERYTHING?

Then join Westies in Need  our  Westie Skin Day and you will get you the answers that you need. We expect this to sell out, so please register early!

WHEN: Seminar – Saturday March 24th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
WHERE: Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) Guelph, Ontario

  • does your Westie scratch a lot?
  • does he bite at his feet or body?
  • does he have chronic ear infections
  • does he have to wear clothes or a cone sometimes to stop him from scratching??
  • does he have discoloured fur around his mouth and feet?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our Westie Skin Day is for you. We have your Westie skin solutions!

This seminar is a joint project between Westies in Need and Dr. Anthony Yu of the OVC.

Dr.Yu has lectured extensively in veterinary dermatology throughout North America, Europe and China as well as authoring and guest editing several publications in journals and veterinary textbooks. He is the Chief of Dermatology at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) and is contributing his time and expertise to make this a valuable event.

This is SUCH an amazing opportunity for our rescue.

One of our little rescues was named Lilly- she was the worst case of skin problems we had ever seen when she arrived into our rescue program.

The Pet Network saw her info on our website and asked if they could do a story on our Lilly and our rescue. Click here to watch the video of Lilly and her journey…they did a great job and we can’t thank the Pet Network enough for supporting us!

Lilly says THANKS too!

4 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday: help for the itchies

  1. Thanks you all so much for your kind words and thanks for promoting our rescue and my Lilly! This little girl is such a dear, so sweet and so loving and so deserves the love and attention that she is now enjoying!

    Thanks all-and thanks again for putt ing info about our rescue on your site!

  2. Oh I am glad you have advertised this. As we have a westie as well as a scottie we support Westies in Need. Their Sept 11 westie walk was fun and just this last weekend we were at a get together they had at Doggie Central in Mississauga, there were over 170 westies there!!! We are planning to go to the itchy day too.

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