Westminster 2012 Terrier Best of Group: Perfect for Friday evening cocktail viewing

This is a long video at half an hour, but it’s a fun look at all the different terrier types as the judge runs through the breeds in alphabetical order.

I’ve got to say that I find the Bedlingtons and Dandy Dinmonts kind of goofy while I love the look of Norfolks and Norwichs. (Remember the reader tip to tell the difference — with their pointy ears Norwichs are like witches in in pointy hats.)

It was also interesting to learn that Lomondview Clementina goes by Phoebe for short, was born in Scotland and now lives in Miami, which doesn’t seem like a real Scottie town. As she was strutting her stuff, the commentator noted, “They are not big listeners” and “She looks a little bossy.” Agree or disagree?

How too about that description of Scottie owners as having to be “confident enough to love a dog that openly feels superior to its owner?” Again, agree or disagree?

17 thoughts on “Westminster 2012 Terrier Best of Group: Perfect for Friday evening cocktail viewing

  1. The grooming look does not always serve Scotties well. They are so much fun. I haven’t experienced a superior one yet. Our first one was a rescue and a registered boy. I was hesitant at first because of sound bites such as that. He was the joy of my life and always up for adventure. He would even line up terra cotta flower pots before coming inside from time to time. He was friendly to everyone he met. People often exclaimed that they didn’t know Scotties were that sweet and friendly. We have a little wheaten girl, Molly, now and her energy is boundless and she thinks our mixed mutt, Sherman is her very own. Our Sammy boy taught her how to behave before we lost him. I will always miss him. It makes me smile just to think of that sweet fellow.

  2. Totally agree. Kirk has me SO much around her little paw … everyone else finds it hilarious. Of course we both have this ‘thing’ where she lets me think I’m the boss and she can be very submissive, but gets her own way anyways. Mum often points out ‘she’s got you again’ and I think ‘what? eh? bloody-hell she has, how did that happen?’ When she’s not able to control me she’s downright stubborn, like when we do the vets or I go away without her. I’m happy with the arragement, I love the character and challange.
    Tegan Liverpool

    1. Tegan, we were in England last week and I thought of you as I read all the soccer football coverage. You Brits really do have the best sports scandals.

      1. YAY…. and Everton won Chelsea FC last week, so you must have brought some luck up north, or bad luck down to London, depending on which end you visited :)
        Yes, we Brits like to think we invented most of the great sports, which of course gives us the arrogance to then behave badly if we can’t win. Liverpool is getting itself a racist label because of one or two dense football fans and one stupid player, it doesn’t sit at all well with the majority of us, but lets hope it won’t stick.
        Then there’s the Brit manager who admits he’s SO dense he can’t have deliberately dodged his tax, everyone agrees and then we all try to make him manager of our national team… LOL.

        Of course, then there’s our British boxing ‘gentlemen’…

  3. “Bossy”, “not good listeners”, “openly feels superior”…….I am confused! Are we talking about Scotties or our teenage children?? :-)

      1. Ah, parents! My son accuses me of loving the dog more than him these days. I was making dog biscuits and he was offended that I wasn’t baking for him. I fixed that though….I made sugar cookies in the shape of dog bones for him!

        1. LOL. I too get accused of liking the dog more than my daughter, but I never thought to be as creative as to bake dog bone-shaped cookies. My rx is more: “Did the dog get a silver charm for Christmas and a vacation in London?” You know, the typical parental rant.

          1. lol–not sure if our kids make us better scottie parents, or if our scotties make us better kid parents, but am pretty sure both know they are well loved!

      2. Hmmm. I thought you were going to say she was deaf but it didn’t make much difference when it comes to doing what your parents want.

  4. my 3 scotties fit the description to a T…..they are bossy, vocal and very stubborn….if we are walking and they dont want to come in …they just sit down and dont budge!!! they are the loves of my life (next to the kids of course) and i wouldnt have it any other way…i adore them!!!

  5. Does anyone have the complete description of the “Scottie” used by the announcer on Best of Terrier show? I would love to share it with my husband and sisters.

    1. “The Highland Scots needed a big dog in a small package, all muscle and bone and fur to keep their farm free from ground dwelling predators. A Scottish Terrier owner must be firm enough to earn a Scottie’s respect, reasonable enough to satisfy a Scottie’s sense of fair play, and confident enough to love a dog that openly feels superior to its owner.” “They are not big listeners.”

      😉 I think that struck a chord everywhere for people with Scotties!

      1. Thank you so very much Nicole! I was laughing so hard when I heard it, that I was unable to write it down to share with my husband. We have a black and a wheaten, both females. This description seemed to hit the nail on the head in both dogs. Winnie definitely is the queen bee of our household and Fergie’s nickname is “ears” because of her selective hearing skills. These wonderful little sweethearts have brought so much joy and entertainment to our home.

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