Morgan: A Scottish Terrier rescue story

Morgan, a rescue Scottish Terrier
From puppy mill to calendar girl

Angela writes:

Morgan was my first foster from St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue. I fell in love with her on sight in the back of the van that transported her and 6 other Scotties from a Missouri puppy mill. I could not adopt her immediately as she had a nasty UTI that took a month of antibiotics to tame so she couldn’t get spayed. It’s a good thing–she was pregnant with 6 puppies!

Besides enduring her 6 puppies for 10-12 weeks (in the mill, they’re pulled between 4-6 weeks old or whenever they are weaned) she has also been a foster sister to 15 Scotties & 1 Westie. I dog sit occasionally and Morgan does reasonably well with non-terrier dogs. Hey, she’s a natural born boss!

She is the happiest around other dogs; Morgan was in dog heaven at last year’s Door County Scottie Rally. She still has issues with people in general, especially men. Morgan sees my grandmother at least twice a week, and after almost 2 years, finally took a bone from grandma’s hand last week.

Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures & stories–I really enjoy the site!

  • Angela, Lady Morgan & foster Flynn & guest Riley (Morgan’s 4th born)
  • Always my special Angel WHWT HRH Ralph Henry, Rainbow Bridge 3-09-10
  • My first Diehard forever, Boomer, Rainbow Bridge 6-18-09, Foster mama to 18

Thanks, Angela for all your hard work and sharing your stories.

3 thoughts on “Morgan: A Scottish Terrier rescue story

  1. Great story on Morgan.

    Also, loved the video of the Scotties telling off the trashmen. Malcolm does NOT like the garbage truck at all. It’s one of the few things he’s afraid of. May be we just need three more Scotties? šŸ˜‰

  2. Morgan is a sweet girl, and definitely in charge…I have one of Morgan’s puppies…Bella and I would say “like mother, like daughter” definitely applies šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you so much for featuring Morgan today. šŸ™‚

    I hope her picture & story brought some happy thoughts to anyone who needed some today!

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