Contest: Name the famous Scottie owner

Oops, not owner, guardian.

Scottish Terrier photo contest: Name the famous owner

7 thoughts on “Contest: Name the famous Scottie owner

    1. Wow! I’m impressed. Not only would I not recognize young(er) Ed Sullivan, I also didn’t know he was a Scottie person.

      Does anyone know if that’s his dog? Or if it’s a borrowee?

  1. Yup, his Scottie!
    Gossip columnist Ed Sullivan w. his black scottie dog in fenced-in area on street. (Photo by Nina Leen/Pix Inc./Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

  2. That has to be Ed Sullivan. Look at that face and the way he stands. I’m not suprised he was a “Scottie-Person”…ha-ha, Everyone Should Be!

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