Cute Scottish Terriers: Our readers’ dogs

If you are a regular reader, you’ve heard this song before — many times. But here it comes again…

Dear Scottie News readers,

I am so sorry for taking so long to get some of these pictures of your wonderful dogs posted. And I am even sorrier if I’ve forgotten or lost a photo of a much-loved Scottie.

If that’s the case, please send them along again as March break is coming up soon and that means, the Scottie News will have an intern slaving on duty at our world headquarters.

Yours sincerely.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News editorial team

Dottie the Scottie dog at the window
Meet Dottie the Scottie in St. Louis, where she lives with Dan and Maureen
Scottish Terrier Dottie waiting for scraps
Dottie hopes for some table scraps
Watson the wheaten Scottish Terrier
Handsome Watson was the only surving dog in his litter. Sadly, the others all died of a virus.
Eight-month-old Stella the Scottish Terrier from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Eight-month-old Stella lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. So what's she doing in that coat?
Oscar the Scottie hails from New York State
Handsome Oscar hails from New York State
After his guardian Lois used up all her and white and black yarn making him a coat, Barclay cheered for the Dalmation to win Westminster. "Fortunately," writes Lois, "after the photo shoot, the offending 'coat' was removed...and, better yet, there will not be a Pekingese 'coat.'"
Xenia the Scottish Terrier in the Indiana snow
Warrior Princess Xenia in the Indiana snow
Wheaten Scottish Terrier in Chatfield State park, Colorado
Finny, aka Finn McCool in the dog park, Chatfield State park in Colorado. Perfect autumn weather with great shadows.

Miyagi the cat and Nessie the Scottish Terrier

Helen writes:

We have had Miyagi (the white and black cat) for about 5 years now and we decided to get a Scottish terrier (Nessie).

Migagi always greets us at the drive way and escorts us to the front gate, off course Nessie is always standing ready to greet us.

At first we thought the cat would really not be able to adjust to her new sibling , slowly they managed to get use to each other.

Nessie is 6 Months old now and at least once a day I see them playfully chasing each other around the house (they each get a turn to chase).

I think its safe to say they are now used to each other.

Kuro the Scottish Terrier enjoying he sun and chilling out
Kuro enjoying the sun and chilling out
Kuro the Scottish Terrier checks out some salt and pepper shakers
In a less cool moment, Kuro checks out some salt and pepper shakers
Ollie paws in some rare east Texas snow
"Ollie paws" mark some rare east Texas snow
Henry the Scottish Terrier meets a horse
Henry meets a horse
Scottish Terrier with running shoe
When Henry's not horsing around, he likes to chill with shoes

Traveler the Scottie puppy

Above is “Traveler” Bold Article’s Black House Troop at four weeks old late last year. His breeder Marie wrote: “He is a full brother to the Scotties in the Uncle Sherman video and will be going to the same home as his brother Fiddler, who was in the video with the red collar. As a singleton, he has his mom all to himself but for added stimulation, I have added an Airedale beanie baby (right). It gives him something to fight with and snuggle up to when Mom is out.”

Zoe the Scottie appreciates a good view
Zoe appreciates a good view
Scottie and Westie look out the window
Zoe invites MacKenzie the Westie to join her at the window
Zoe the Scottish Terrier
Zoe gets shy about being photographed head on
Mucklewags Scottish Terrier goes high fashion
Not shy about being photographed, Bridget's half brother, a Mucklewags Scottish Terrier, goes high fashion

Mucklewags, an Ontario breeder, acquired one of Sadie’s nephews last year. His dad is full bro to Westminster champ Sadie.

Scotties prefers couch back to seat
Holly hails from Baltimore, where she chills atop the couch when not out fishing
Buster, a Minnesota Westie
Buster, a Minnesota Westie, enjoys the first nice day of spring (2011)
Maggie (left) and older brother Mac Bentley make their home in eastern Washington state but hail from Idaho.
Double Cuteness: Baby Dex and Wessie
Double Cuteness: Baby Dex and Wessie
Scottie dog ruby enjoys watching cooking shows on TV
Ruby from Maryland has a love/hate relationship with TV. She loves watching cooking shows, but attacks the fast action shows and commercials
Mamushka (Mushie) the Scottish Terrier on her third birthday
Mamushka (Mushie) on her third birthday
Scottie at the computer
Tosh likes listening to U2 on the laptop when not hanging out with his Scottie mate, Mac (camera shy)
Georgie the Scottie dog
"Georgie" Bush Butler -- known as Gregory to his Democratic Party friends -- is always on the Internet trying to send email to Miss Beasley, but no reply as of yet

Meanwhile reader Kathleen sent in this link to Molly the Scottie, dog of the day way back on January 31.

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