Is a dangerous dog virus making the rounds?

A reader sent this along with the obligatory disclaimer that it may be nothing more than a wild internet rumour. I’m passing it along just in case it isn’t. Any feedback you may have is welcome.

WARNING!!! the virus that I nearly lost my dogs with is still rampant at the moment, the vets seem to be taking too long to recognise the symptoms, because there is no temperature until about 4 days after the symptoms most vets are treating the dogs for poisoning or foreign body in the gut, the symptoms are , vomiting large amounts of water with or without white foam, yellow watery poos.

So far there is only 1 antibiotic that I know that works and it saved my 7 dogs, STMORGYL. Please pass this on as I have heard today that a puppy in the next village to us (near Stowmarket) died in the night and met a friend just an hour ago and her friend has lost 2 dogs in the past 2 weeks all with the same symptoms all treated for the wrong thing at the vets. I feel we are extremely lucky with our vets that they listened to us when we insisted on antibiotics straightaway – the first one didn’t work but the above mentioned one did, either of these symptoms on their own or together could be the virus and the dog will feel cool or even cold with no temperature, PLEASE PLEASE PASS THIS ON – one more dog lost is too many thank you.

2 thoughts on “Is a dangerous dog virus making the rounds?

  1. Permit me to point out…if it’s a virus, antibiotics won’t work. Antibiotics won’t kill viruses – they kill bacteria. Just sayin’.

    I have no idea as to whether this is a valid concern or not. I will say that I haven’t seen anything about it on the CNN, Reuters, Fox, or Dogster websites, so I suspect it’s an Internet hoax.

    1. D’oh!

      I should have caught that virus thing.

      Although docs do sometimes prescribe antibiotics for “secondary effects,” don’t they?

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