Rescue Scottish Terriers in the southeast US

Last Sunday we showed video of some very lucky Scotties enjoying a birthday party. Three of the dogs were rescues from Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast (formerly known as Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Carolinas) so we headed over to their site to find some feel-good rescue tales and, sure enough, we hit paydirt with the story of 10-year-old Mac:

Mac: A 10-year-old rescue Scottish Terrier
A handsome older gentleman

Mac had belonged to someone who surely must have loved him. But health problems led his owner to put him in an outdoor pen, with no care or human interaction other than a neighbor’s daily feeding. He was filthy, overweight and suffering from skin issues and an ear infection. Mercifully, he found his way into Rescue. By the time I knew of him, Mac’s medical conditions had been treated, he had been neutered, and he was getting along well with the other dogs in his foster-family’s home.

When I met Mac, he kissed my nose. I was instantly charmed. Little did I know then that he is not a kisser!

If you can’t get enough of rescue Scotties, here’s video showing more of the dogs rescued by this group:

2 thoughts on “Rescue Scottish Terriers in the southeast US

  1. Thank you to all of the rescue people… that video broke my heart. How can anyone leave any dog out to die. I will never understand.

  2. Wow! We adopted our little Bella last year from this group and I didn’t know they had changed their name. They are great folks and Christy was practically apologising for asking us for money for the adoption fee when we met them to pick up Bella …they deserve every penny and then some! Bella is now very happy and healthy in her new home & continues to grow in Scottie personality every day! 🙂

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