Spring is here! Get a Scottie News premium subscription to celebrate

It’s official. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has gone premium. While much content will remain free, you should start to notice that certain articles will be off limits to you if you are not a premium subscriber.

Priced at under $3 a month, a Premium Subscription costs less than one fancy schmancy Starbucks venti soy latte or a whole month’s worth of homemade morning coffees.

Have we convinced you?

Yes, I want to subscribe now. Give me my Scottie fix!

No, I’ll just take the free email updates to try you out. I don’t mind missing out on a great bargain.




2 thoughts on “Spring is here! Get a Scottie News premium subscription to celebrate

  1. Oh Ann, you know I wish you all good luck with this venture as I know how much time it takes you to produce it for all of us. I’m sad to say that economics being what it is for my husband and me at the moment…I’m unemployed and have been for longer than I would like to admit, I’m afraid I’ll just have to follow along with limited access. Thanks, though, for all you’ve done to make this such a fun site. Good luck!

    1. I know that $35.95 is a stretch for some readers. That’s why I’ve made it so someone who checks in daily will always get their Scottie News.

      Keep reading, Holly, and good luck with the job hunt. By making this site premium, I’m trying to create my own job.

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