Scottie News is going premium

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After almost five years of bringing you the Scottie scoops, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is going premium.

Yes, there will still be free content available, but to access most of the archives and receive the newsletter will cost a small fee.

If you’ve ever donated to the Scottie News in the past, you will automatically be upgraded to a premium subscriber without paying a cent.

When is this happening? Sometime during the month of March, but in the meantime, we’d like to give you a chance to sample our fabulous newsletter for free with absolutely no strings attached.

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4 thoughts on “Scottie News is going premium

  1. I would love to pay for the new site. Where do we get the subscription info and price? I tried the subscribe for free limited time but it keeps going to error?

    1. Hi Teresa,

      It’s not letting you sign up because you’re already on the mailing list.

      Once everything’s up and running the prices will be:

      $5.99 for one month
      $4.99 for six months ($29.94 paid upfront)
      $3.99 for one year ($47.88 paid upfront)

      Since I haven’t got the system up and running yet and don’t have to pay any commissions until it is in place, I can offer anyone who subscribes immediately the following discounts:

      $3.99 for six months ($23.94 for six months paid upfront)
      $2.99 for one year ($35.88 for one year paid upfront)

      I can invoice you via email and you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card. Contact me at if you’re interested.

  2. … I don’t think I’ve paid enougth for this year and can’t remember how much I donated at Christmas on PayPal, please let me know so I don’t have to worry for another year.
    Tegan (Liverpool)

    1. If you donated, anything, you’re automatically premium. The amount doesn’t matter. As Oprah would say, you paid it forward.

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