The week in dog news

Frenchman murders his girlfriend and flees with dog

His attachment to his pet led to his arrest. Too bad he wasn’t as nice to his girlfriend.

Uggie’s outfit wows the Red Carpet crowd

Uggie at the Oscars articleDetails at US Weekly on the Artist star.



Labs are number one for popularity, Scotties #54

The top terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier, keeps dropping from the #2 spot it claimed in 2006.

Tragic: Two newborns killed by dogs

In Alberta, the dog is euthanized. In Pittsburgh, the courts have yet to rule. Here’s an opinion piece on whether dogs who kill humans should be kept alive.

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      1. Thanks for that info. I hadn’t heard about this before. It sounds as if despite the illness, Uggie will be able to enjoy his retirement while earning some spare cash from ads. That’s good news.

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