No car rooves for Barney and Miss Beasley

The week’s dog news headlines

The revenge of Seamus

No car rooves for Barney and Miss Beasley
No car rooves for Barney and Miss Beasley

Why the story about Mitt Romney strapping his dog to the car roof decades ago still has legs. See the Scottie Newsexclusive Romney electoral poll and participate if you haven’t already.

And in the interest of fairness, remember that Romney once saved a Scottish Terrier from drowning.

When did crating your dog become a crime?

Leashes. Crates. Even doghouses. Suddenly they’re all evil. The debate over how to treat Fido is dividing pet owners. Read more

World’s ugliest dog dies at age 15

RIP, Yoda.

One thought on “The week’s dog news headlines

  1. I felt quite affronted that anyone would call a beloved dog ‘ugly’, let alone entering it into a competition. However, on investigation and Google imageing … well …I was …err…… flabergastered! fair dues, it was ugly.
    I am left a little worried by my investigations, that people are actively attempting to breed little ugly dogs, with protruding tounges?
    Tegan (liverpool.)

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