Pitbull attack in London

The week’s dog news headlines

Pitbull attack in London

British cops seriously injured in Pitbull attack

Five police officers were taken to hospital — three of them with serious injuries — after being mauled by a dog in the street during a raid. More

Service dog will work the courthouse

In Washington State, a specially trained dog will be used to provide a calming and comforting influence during interviews, arraignments, sentencings and perhaps even trials. More

Man got Pomeranian (mix) drunk with vodka

A Montana man was charged with animal cruelty after his 20-pound dog was found so intoxicated it couldn’t stand up. More

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  1. A 20 lb Pom? No way. We had one of the yappy little dustmops when I was a kid (Moms idea, I always wanted a Scottie), and it never went over 5 lbs.

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