The week’s dog news headlines

Musher saves dog with mouth-to-snout resuscitation

When Marshall collapsed on the Iditarod trail, Scott Janssen did what any good friend would do:  He stopped his sled and gave the veteran sled dog mouth-to-snout CPR.

Marshall was running really tight on the line, no problems at all, and all of a sudden, he collapsed,”  said Debbie Janssen. More

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

The nature of why people prefer cats or dogs is a topic that has been getting increased research in recent years. Scientists at major academic institutions have devoted time and resources to understanding why people become one or the other.

But what about the bi-petual people who love both cats and dogs, asks the Scottie News. They’re covered too.

Beware of chicken jerky dog treats from China

Thousands of pet owners speaking out on the Internet and asking the U.S. government to force a recall of chicken jerky dog treats made from Chinese chicken. Concerns over the issue first arose as early as 2007, but the movement has gained significant momentum in the past month, even gaining the support of Ohio’s Sen. Sherrod Brown and Rep. Dennis Kucinich after Ohio resident Candace Thaxton contacted them about two of her dogs who fell ill. More

3 thoughts on “The week’s dog news headlines

  1. I just bought a huge pack of Waggin Train Chicken Jerky from Sam’s Club a few months back. Then the Sherrod Brown story hit the net. I have been waiting on a recall so I could get my $14.00 back!!! I finally pitched them!

    The girls have been eating those off and on for a couple years. In the past, when given too many, Amelia would develop the runs, so we already had our own experience and we knew to limit the quantity. I hope no long term damage was done. The girls LOVE them which is the real shame.

  2. Thanks for publicising the chicken jerky story. I’m forwarding to our Scottie club for distribution. Haven’t used these for treats but since the melamine poisonings I’ve been looking at the origin of treats and food as much as possible and we now buy everything from a local shop who’s very up on natural foods and product origin. This really makes you feel like buying a food dehyrdrator and only making your own treats from ingredients from organic local farms..!

  3. Oh and the Dog vs Cat person thing … always going to be controversial!! Very broad generalisations there. I’m not very outgoing and well, I’ve met some “cat people” I’d like to think were not more intelligent nor better educated than myself..! Next up I think they should look at differences between people who favour different breeds… Now how would “Scottie People” rate?? 🙂

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