Scottish Terrier videos: Exercising your Scottie

Agility’s a little like going to the gym and taking spin class. It’s a tough workout and there’s definitely a learning curve. Annie’s got a way to go before she rivals Hitchcock the agility champ, but the Scottie News is impressed with her potential.

If you prefer a home workout in the backyard and you live in northern climes, try a snow agility workout like Obi:

Of course, you can still get a workout without agility and snow and it’s low impact to chase a few turtles like Lotti does:

And if you work out hard enough, you deserve a little birthday cake and ice cream:

2 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier videos: Exercising your Scottie

  1. Annie almost made me cry, what a speed demon. She was flying over those jumps!
    Obie looks like he’s done that before, he’s a natural snow plow.
    Lotti is quite the enforcer, Turtle Be Gone!!! It’s good to have a job.

    Great videos.

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