Westie Wednesday helps with itchy skin

West Highland Terrier itchy skin seminar
The itchy skin seminar, sponsored by Westies in Need, went ahead last Saturday and, as you can see, turnout was excellent.

Organizer Corrie writes:

On Saturday March 24th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Westies in Need- Westie Rescue hosted an “Itchy Westie Skin seminar” at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) in Guelph Ontario. We had 118 people attend our seminar and it was a really informative day.

After folks arrived and registered they were given a LARGE goody bag full of lots of free samples and then they had an opportunity to grab a coffee and a snack and talk to the many vendors who attended our day. The vendors all mentioned to us that our Westie folks sure were a well informed group and knew their stuff when it came to the health and the happiness of their Westies.

This seminar was a joint project between Westies in Need and Dr. Anthony Yu of the OVC. Dr.Yu has lectured extensively in veterinary dermatology throughout North America, Europe and China as well as authoring and guest editing several publications in journals and veterinary textbooks.

At 10:00 am we grabbed a good seat and our seminar began. We were very pleased to start the day with an adoption! One of our adoptable Westies named Spuds (he was a 5 year old boy who was owner surrender) came to the seminar with his foster family and his new forever family were there to take him into their arms. It was very sweet and moving with Spuds, his foster and his new family getting a big round of applause. Spuds stayed for the seminar and we think he learned a lot!!!!!!

Dr Yu and Dr Pye were our presenters and some of the topics we talked about in our seminar were: why is your Westie itchy, Atopic Dermatitis, yeast in Westies, Demodex and Sarcopic mange, staining of the mouth and feet, when and when not to vaccinate, food recommendations, immune system support, what supplements to give, shampooing suggestions, what is NEW in the world of dermatology for Westies and so much more and then we finished with a question and answer period.

We broke for a fabulous lunch at noon and our folks had another chance to speak to all the vendors and enjoy a piece of cake-one of our volunteers made a massive Westie cake and it was delicious!

Dr Yu and Dr Pye stayed after the seminar to answer even more questions that folks had about their individual Westies and any concerns they had.

It was a great day and we can not begin to thank everyone for supporting Westies in Need in such a big way. Dr Yu has agreed to allow us to post all his seminar notes on our website and we will do that ASAP.

Thanks to everyone who attended our day…hope you enjoyed yourself!

Corrie will be posting slides and detailed information from the seminar on her website. Scottie News will let you know when it’s available.

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  1. I have an itchy Westie – 12 years old and have tried Oroxine and Prednisolone for years with only slight benefit. I heard of ‘The Missing Link’ diet supplement and gave it a go. The results were almost immediate and he now – after 2 months – looks like a Westie should and I am not ashamed to take him out in public! I am about to try to wean him off the tablets.

    1. I have been using ‘The Missing Link’ in powder form – one teaspoon per day in his food for years with very good results – He is 13 years old now – still scratches a bit – but no red scabby patches – Looks like a Westie!

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