What’s the least believable part of this Scottie commercial?

The miraculous properties of Scotts EZ Seed? Or the idea that Scottish Terriers are impeccably well behaved? (Hat tip: Wendy)

Readers sent in some comments via email.

Ken wrote:
This is the commercial that Cutty (kennel mate of the late Whiskie) and two other agility Scotties auditioned for on March 1st at a studio on Conat Street in the Design District of Dallas. We spent 3½ hours alternating between dogs with an entourage of 14 on hand. Upon entry there was a bay covered with sod and a smaller staging area in the adjoining room had sod also. A fertilizer spreader was standing that room and was seen on TV a few nights later. The first sod area was apparently the “yard” seen in that commercial.

Taping started with the red-headed man with a beard sprinkling grass seed on sod on top of a dog house with a name sign labeled “Haggis”. This scene was not used in the commercial. Next they wanted the dogs to pick up a hose and drag it across the set. Since none of the dogs had any prior training for this type of activity, the idea didn’t work. So the next attempt was to wire the hose to a dog’s collar to appear that he was dragging it. That effort too was a failure. It appears that a “Sit, Stay” with a Scottie was the only thing that worked. The other dog(s) auditioned later that afternoon. The second man must have come in after that.

This was all done indoors, so the background and house were edited in and the grass has a greener cast than on the set. Don’t always believe what you see.

We didn’t make the cut, but it was a new experience for Cutty.

Kathy wrote:

Well as nice as it is to see a scottie in a commercial how distressing it is to see our scottie as the “poster boy” for chemicals that may be responsible for their link to TCC (Purdue study). I’m writing Scotts and the Ad agency about this. You may be familiar with this article.

11 thoughts on “What’s the least believable part of this Scottie commercial?

  1. The least believable part is who dug that hole, because we all know Haggus did it. 🙂 I hope this little guy is their new mascotty.

  2. Haggis must be superglued to the lawn or he took a bribe – In my experience Scotties do what you want only when your wishes coincides with theirs.

    1. Actually my Scottie will sit and wait fo me every time. He is very well behaved and well trained, no bribes! My problem is they Ar very susceptible to cancer and lawn chemicals arse a big cause!

      1. And Scotties get even with the lawns…. I’m gonna rent Davey out to pay for the annual new lawn!!!

    1. Oh, yes, my Scotties have always been perfectly behaved when it comes to “Sit” …but not for “Come!”

  3. Ummm….yeahh.. cute commercial, but Kathy makes a good point..! We started using all organic stuff – so our lawn isn’t as pairfect as some, but the dogs don’t care! Even so, people aren’t careful with the stuff they put down and we are regularly dodging stray who-knows-what chemical residue that’s got sprayed everywhere on the pavements in the neighbourhood.

  4. I had to pay good money for a builder to flag (at a tilt) a part of our garden, this leads to a special drain. It took her months to train, but she goes there nicely and it all gets drained away…. unless she’s being bloody… and then she pees in and around our car path. The grass however has been safe for years now 🙂
    Tegan Liverpool.

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