Wheaten Rescue Scottie available in Vermont

As of yesterday, Peaches in Chittenden County was still looking for a forever home. Here are her details. She is seven years old and was apparently given up because she didn’t get along with the other animals in the home. WTF??!!

She reminds the Scottie News of Harry and Lola.

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25 thoughts on “Wheaten Rescue Scottie available in Vermont

  1. What a keeper!!! She is just precious and I love her name. I must have missed her story, how old is she and whatever happened to her family?

      1. Thanks for the details. Hmmmm, that story makes me scratch my head and wonder. People can be so weird. My first Scotty, Cassie, was sold to me at the age of two because she had fleas. The lady wanted to keep her collar in case they got another dog. I thought to myself, lady,what if it gets fleas? Of course that was just an excuse, but I always wondered what the real reason was????

  2. I have notified a few people who live in VT and told them of her…Hoping she’ll find a forever home….

  3. is Peaches still available? I just found this website today I would live to provide a home for a rescue Scottie to go with my wonderful Scottie, Haggis!

  4. Hi Priscilla,

    Click the link in the story that says “her details.” It will get you to the animal shelter and you can give them a call.

  5. Well Dah. Someone needs to tell these people that Scotties are a feisty bunch and their family interactions can resemble the Hatfields and the McCoys. My Fannie, on the small size, bosses her big brother Farley (30 pounds) unmercifully. They’re chasing each other right now up and down a corridor over her stealing all of his bones.

  6. Three weeks ago I sort of rescued a Wheaton Scottish terrier the guy brought her for 1, 500 he was going to send her to the pound I gave 475.00 for her she is the sweetest little girl full of life and fun!! She is 5 months old right now.. my problem is my two westie boys don’t like her..I am afraid they will hurt her..and it makes me sad to see my babies so sad..I KNOW this may pass as I continue to work with the three of them..they do walk well together…Daisy loves them by the way.. today..I don’t want to take a chance they hurt her or cause her to have a bad attitude toward other dogs.. we are thinking of finding her a more happy home..she is sweet and beautiful little lady.. you can write me back if you have a idea for me..I can’t fail her…she is so very sweet

      1. Checking to see how your litle lady is doing? I am from north Florida and have been looking to adopt/rescue or purchase a wheaton scottie puppy/younger dog. Would love a little girl. Please contace me via e-mail if you are still trying to find her a home! Thanks, Kathy

  7. I would like to know if you sold the Scottie.I We have a Scottie. We have been talking about getting another one. She sounds so sweet. They are very good and lovable. I am very interested in her. We live in North Carolina. Please let me know. I hope you still have her. Thanks, Carmen.

  8. Very interested in a scottie rescue my phone id 410-972-5676
    Weha ve had two beautiful scotties over the years one lived to 14 one of cancer passed at 7.

  9. Hello everyone. My name is Scott. My partner and I adopted Peaches from the Chittenden County Humane Society here in Vermont. She has been a wonderful companion. We recently returned from a beautiful adventure in Acadia. We had only been home 2 weeks when her health took a turn for the worse. Ultrasound images revealed one large 7cm mast and several 3mm masts on her liver. Her stomach became distended and her breathing shallow and short. One evening she lost coordination and was unable to stand. She was not eating and shunned her favorite treats and began to drink more water than usual. When she did eat, her stomach became very tight and she would tremble upon inhalation. After much consideration we decided to have Peaches euthanized. We thought it unfair to put Peaches through any type of surgeries, chemotherapy, or a daily life of harsh medications and painkillers. We had two wonderful days with Peachy where we were able to say goodbye, take a bunch of photos and video, and just be with our beloved companion. Many tears. Yesterday her Vet and assistant came to our home to help us to end Peaches’ suffering. We set her up on a table outside on our deck in the sunshine. The Vet injected a sedative, Peachy yelped and my heart broke again. Soon she laid down a became calm. We pet her and kissed her and cried. After a few moments the Vet performed the final injection and in a matter of seconds Peaches was released. It was heart wrenching. The Vet left Annie and I alone with Peaches. It was hard to bare, and we asked the Vet to take Peaches away. They wrapped her up in a nice blanket, got into their car and drove away..it is done. Peaches is gone. She will be cremated and her ashes will be returned to us along with a clay impression of her paw. Today I am home alone. I plan to gather up all of Peaches’ belongings, except for a few items, clean them up and put them away. This is tough. I love you Peaches..I’m sorry girl. You’re a good girl. Thank you. Goodbye.


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