Farewell to the Scottie News, Hello Scottish Fold Cat News

We didn’t get enough Premium Subscribers so we’re closing up shop.

Please enjoy the last ever edition of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News before we switch to Scottish Fold Cat blogging, where the real money is.

We’ve learned the hard way that the internet is all about cats.

We had some good tricks, but, in the end, they were our downfall:

15 thoughts on “Farewell to the Scottie News, Hello Scottish Fold Cat News

  1. Cats! over Scotties? That’s like comparing kool-aid to good wine. Both are good but . . .

  2. Yeah!! Okay!! It IS all about cats!! Look at lolcats!! Everybody loves cats!!
    Seriously, guys and gals,or should I say, lads and lassies (no pun intended), we CAN NOT do without Scottie News!! Good AF joke, but seriously, we love you guys too much to lose you!

  3. YOU HAD ME!!!!!! SO not funny! (I was actually composing in my head a post to try and get you to change your mind.) It was the cat pictures that gave it away!

    .. not laugthing ( :D)

    Tegan Liverpool.

    1. Yes. The cats do give it away.

      Unfortunately, some newsletter readers did not click through to see the cats and they are sending their condolences and demanding refunds.

      Happy April Fools Day, everyone.

  4. Good April Fools Trick – Certainly took Captain in – he got quite worried – he does so enjoy looking at vids of Scotties and barking along

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