A Scottie News dog show

Dallas the Scottie
Dallas Dhu deep in the heart of Texas

Dallas DhuKen Ewing writes: “Dallas fills the void left by Whiskie, the late movie star. He joins Chivas and Cutty in the Ewing Scottie Gang.”

And yes, the Ewings do indeed hail from Dallas, Texas  where  they continue the excellent tradition of naming their Scotties after fine whiskeys. Dallas Dhu, by the way, means “Black Water Valley” in Gaelic. Hmm, shouldn’t that be black gold?

And speaking of Ewings in Dallas, the TV series will be making a comeback this summer.

Six Scottie puppies including one wheaten

Above are the puppies that topped the Scottie News last week. Their “fur mom” Sandy wrote: “It was a wonderfully fun photo to take and I’ll always remember that litter. It’s a wonder our household survived their childhood.”

Scotties Song and Dash
In Los Angeles, looks count

Song and Dash are a brother and sister team from Los Angeles. Their guardian/sylist writes: “We left her hair a little longer since we couldn’t tell them apart. He, though, tends to almost yodel when he barks…..is that a trait?”

Hmmm, does aroooo count as yodelling?

When their sister Amber comes to visit, she likes to snooze on the rocks:

Wheaten Scottish Terrier on the rocks

Scottie News will have more photos of your fabulous dogs going up over the long weekend. Stay tuned.