Cancer in Scottish Terriers: a reader’s website

Reader Sheila Hartmann wrote recently to tell me about her website devoted to cancer in Scottish Terriers. It documents her painful personal experience with her dog Piper and provides all sorts of helpful resources and links.

Here’s a past article on breakthroughs in canine cancer treatment.

2 thoughts on “Cancer in Scottish Terriers: a reader’s website

  1. Great that someone has an informative website like this. Having lost our Teagan last year (TCC) I would say that if your Scottie is undergoing chemo and even if they are doing well, if you have to board them, ask for a course of antibiotics! No one deemed that necessary as “her levels” were good, she seemed relatively fit. We had to travel and within a week she was dead of septicaemia due to infections she’d picked up in the place (which we had used before and is quite well-respected). We felt stupid (among other things) but we checked with our vet and her onocologists – we’d have done whatever they advised or just not have gone if we’d known. Hopefully you won’t find yourself in that position but don’t take any chances!

  2. Thank you for posting this…. It will be coming up on a year in June when I had to put my 8 year old Scottie, Noah down for a large tumor between his bladder and colon…. The vets would not even do exploratory on him. In two weeks of diagnosis, I had to make that decision. He had had a complete physical in mid March. So it was a heartbreaking shock to have this happen to such a sweet wonderful friend.

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