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What a Day for a Parade by Jill MunsellReader Jill writes:

I just lost my Rescue, MacGregor to cancer in early Feb. There will be future Senior Rescues in my life, but for this chapter of life I have decided on TWO PUPPIES!! Can’t wait & thinking they just may start a blog…

Anyway, I am writing about a children’s book I have written (What a Day for a Parade self-published through Authorhouse) which is about my 1st Scottie, Alex. It is just a fun, cute book about my Alex and his adventures. There will eventually be more books, so far just the one. There is not much profit in self-publishing, and I donate practically all proceeds back to Scottie Rescue. Wondering if your readers might be interested?

While we’re on the subject of Scottie books and stories, a reader sent in a full fledged short story. Read it with your morning coffee.

Skinny Dog Legs

by Danie Connolly

“Just put the pedal to the metal, or in your case, the sneaker to the sand,” Ron, my physical trainer told me. “You need to run on the soft sand, verses the hard sand because you’ll use more muscles.”

And then I got to thinking…Why don’t I invent a workout machine that can do all my exercising while I sleep? I’ll make room for a nice pillow with down feathers- this should definitely be top of the line. And after I drift off to sleep, I will painlessly lose weight and get toned at the same time. Genius, I told myself – why hasn’t anyone else come up with this brilliant idea? This being awake and exercising thing is hard work. My husband thinks I ought to get the sleeping pill manufacturers involved and they could put me out for two or three weeks and then it would be instant results. I sensed a tinge of sarcasm…

In the meantime, I’m walking the beach with one very aggravated little scottie who does not enjoy this new way of walking. She’s used to lollygagging at a much slower pace, sniffing one piece of driftwood to the next while I casually stroll along the sand.

Now, with my arms swinging at my side, she’s trying to keep up with me and she doesn’t have the time to devote to exploring. I can tell by the glances she gives me while quickly striding besides me that I’m missing a lot. Didn’t I notice that sand dollar? Wasn’t that a heart shaped stone? Isn’t that a 24 carat watch in the sand? She shakes her head in disgust. In an attempt to keep up with me she is foregoing all the good things in life; clumps of seaweed crud she rolls in, a beat up ball too large for her mouth, dead fish…

We aren’t bonding too much these days – its all about me losing flab, and it’s beginning to cramp her style.

About the fourth lap from jetty to jetty, she refuses to budge another inch and I pick her up to carry.

That’s okay, I think…she’s just 20 pounds. I’ll pretend she’s a weight I’ll use as an exercising tool – yeah, that’s it. It’s like a line from that song…’She ain’t heavy, she’s my dog’. But, she weighs a ton! I’m huffing and puffing and thinking I’m about to have a heart attack!

As I gasp for air, I glance at her and she is perfectly content to be held in my arms while I struggle for footing on the sand. This is one lucky dog- I wish I had me as an owner. I know I’d be thin if all I ever got was deluxe dog food to munch on and an occasional bone. And then I take a closer look at her and realize – she’s a porker just like me! She’s got the same skinny legs like I do and the fat torso. Oh dear Lord, we look exactly alike!

Why not? Who else got the left over ice cream when I was finished with it? Who else got spoiled and ate the extra quarter pounder with cheese I couldn’t finish, or the remains of the third honey dip donut?

I just saw a TV spot about Doggie Boot camp to lose weight…Well, here’s your next enlistment!
Then I realize, she’s a by product of my gluttony. Bad girl! (Me, not her)

I created this monster and I’ll uncreate her…is that a word? It doesn’t matter!

First thing tomorrow morning we’re going shopping for some doggy sweat clothes. Maybe I should be inventing doggie exercise machines I mention to my husband. My husband said someone already did – it’s called a leash!

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2 thoughts on “Good stuff from Scottie News readers

  1. “She’s a porker, just like me” Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard when I read that. I have done the same thing, carried a lagging Scotty and realized she was a porker just like me, a byproduct of my gluttony! I love it!!!! So funny!

  2. Cute story. Thanks for sharing.

    Dogs are no different than humans…and that includes Scotties. They are what they eat. You can exercise a dog all you want but if it isn’t eating a healthy, balanced diet, the exercise won’t do the entire job. As a matter of fact, eating a constant diet of junk food will cause health problems for any dog…not to mention their quality of life is hampered because of being overweight.

    Our canine companions don’t live long enough as it is, so why create and ensure a shorter life for them by feeding them food that is loaded with chemicals and processed sugars, high sodium content, processed grains (white flours), high saturated fatty foods, and basically all processed foods? (Which includes cheese.)

    If you have a difficult time denying your Scottie, or any dog, a treat everytime they give you those suggestive glances when you eat, keep two or three crunchy organic baby carrots and a couple pieces of organic apple with you and offer those up one at a time instead. They’ll be healthier for it.

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