Scottie News readers tell us what they really think

And they’re not sure about this premium subscription stuff

Sheena asks: Ann will this be “new” content as well as access to archives. Sometimes in the past and maybe when you have had “web” problems but I have found more re-posts of old articles than new…just asking … I would certainly consider staying a member and paying the subscription.

Ann answers: For now, I’m not making any promises beyond that Scottie News will continue as it is. In an ideal world, I would provide as much fresh content and new information as possible. That’s one of the reasons I’m looking to raise money — from both subscriptions and ads — so that if I devote more time to the site, I will feel adequately compensated. It’s also why I’m offering a money-back guarantee if readers aren’t satisfied.

Elizabeth asks: I would have paid $15 a year. I suppose I think of subscribing on line to a magazine of sorts should cost about the price of a magazine. But in the same breath, up until this point, so many things sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t work on Scottie News I was skeptical and wondered if it would clear up once the news became a paid subscription. By not working I mean videos or photos that were removed when I tried to look at them. Weak design so I could not tell if something was a teaser or the real story. A lot of repetition – but placed as if they were new stories. And a lot of not – so professional whining. But since I figured you did it out of love for the dogs – it added a human element to the mix. I am sorry you didn’t get enough subscribers.

Ann answers: Figuring out the right price is hard. Time will tell if I’ve got it right or not. As for magazines, in my not so humble opinion, as an ex-magazine editor, there’s no way that $15 model will last. Take advantage of it while you can because it’s one of the great remaining bargains in this world at just over $1 per month.

Re videos and photos, I agree it’s frustrating when they disappear, but I just don’t have the time to check broken links and correct them. As for the current design, I hate it, but it’s only now, with the subscription money coming in, that I can afford to get it fixed. So stay tuned for the new look.

It’s a common misconception that I started this site because I love dogs. I do love dogs and I’m pretty sure that not a day goes by that their antics don’t make me smile at least once. But I started this site to see if it would make money — enough money to compensate me at my hourly professional rate and make it more worth my while to take care of some of the very valid issues you and other readers raise.

As for the whining, I can see how my airing of my complaints and frustrations might have turned you off. And, yes, it is unprofessional, but then this site wasn’t professional until very recently, which means no more whining.

I’d also like to mention that for readers who can’t afford or choose not to pay, there will always be free content available although it will be limited.

And, of course, I couldn’t not add the link to sign up for premium subscriptions.

Also,  if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let ’em fly.

One thought on “Scottie News readers tell us what they really think

  1. I pay £39.99 a year for my ‘House and Garden’ issue, and that’s basically the only magerzine I read and it’s my BIG luxury… so I’m not sure of the bog standard price of any paper? … but what I use I will pay for.
    Frankly to me … you pay or it goes away and people are not expected to work hard and pay out of their own pockets to run something we all use… on a day-to-day basis.
    I admit, the pounds to dollars always confused me as I’m not great with money, besides Paypal never tells you how much it’s taking until you get the receipt.. so frankly I didn’t know what I was sending in the past????
    Tegan (Liverpool)

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