Scottish Terrier stars in Chum dog food commercial

The Scottie News has covered Chum Scottish Terrier ads before, but we had never seen this one

6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier stars in Chum dog food commercial

  1. This one is flying all around Pinterest and other places so I’m glad to see it here. Who doesn’t love this commercial, aye?!

  2. These are my woofers from australia! 2 are mine and the ‘hot dog’ are lachie, a friend. Please enjoy our aussie scotties!

    1. Wow! And I thought it was just one Scottie.

      All are super handsome, however.

      And beautifully groomed.

  3. This is a new add. The dogs in it belong to two members of the Scottish Terrier Club of Victoria. It was a very long (looooong) day of filming for the dogs and humans involved, but we are so glad there is a new Chum ad out there, even if we don’t know anyone who actually feeds this food to their dogs.

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