Scottish Terriers in the news as of late

In Washington State, firefighters rescue Maggie the Scottie after she fell down a cliff and got stuck in a blackberry bush on a rock ledge 70 feet above the water. According to the report in the Islands Sounder, responders used well-practiced rope rescue operations.

Does that mean they hooked Maggie up with a rope and pulled her out of the bush? It’s hard to believe they lowered her in the other direction, but what do I know? Maybe some informed readers can enlighten the Scottie News.

Scottish Terrier Dougie's skin condition
Dougie is receiving treatment and recovering well

Meanwhile in Edinburgh, a Scottie with a skin condition is rescued from the streets and the Scottish SPCA is appealing for information about the dog now known as Dougie.

In Grimsby, England, a handsome Scottish Terrier known as Bomber survived a house fire thanks to his neighbours.

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