Scottish Terriers or bunny rabbits?

Inquiring reader Wanda writes: “I’m suddenly running across this — the latest in cute — all over the Cutisphere (Kid’s toys, Bento Box, Children’s books and programming).” Do you think Gaspard and Lisa are Scotties?

Frankly, they look more like rabbits to me. Maybe they’re rabbits crossed with Scotties…

4 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers or bunny rabbits?

  1. I believe it’s a Scotty Bunny cross. The tails belong to a Scotty and the ears belong to a Scotty.

  2. Gaspard and Lisa are both dogs. As to the breed… who knows? The books just say that Gaspard is a black dog and Lisa is a white dog. The books are adorable. They were written by Anne Gutman.

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