Taxes, antler chews and deep-fried Mars bars

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The Scottish Terrier and Dog News was absent last week mostly due to taxes. I had four sets of taxes to do — two for me and two for my late mother. And as you can no doubt imagine, it was brutal.  But it’s mostly finished now and I vow to bring you extra Scottie news this week to make up for having gone AWOL.

Let’s keep with the dogs-eating-things theme for now. Bridget does not destroy shoes or furniture or anything else in the house. If given the chance, however, she will devour entire dog toys including a variety of rubber balls. She also likes to eat sticks on her walks and, it being spring, she treats herself to a mud pie or two on every outing.

Last week after she was groomed, I bought her an antler bone as they had been recommended to me and I worry about giving her regular bones, which she destroys with her powerful jaws and have been known to cause, cough, digestive issues.

Well, she did not like the antler chew at all and has completely ignored it, which brings us full circle to this cartoon.

Deep fried Scottie cartoon

P.S. If you’ve never had a deep fried Mars Bar, you should try one at least once. You can say the Scottie News made you do it.

5 thoughts on “Taxes, antler chews and deep-fried Mars bars

  1. Deep Fried Mars Bars?

    Please, No!

    I’m still recovering from the first time I was on a Sqn exchange with the RAF, where the eggs were broken into a vat of mutton fat and then you got both the egg and a large dollop of said fat skidding around on your plate…
    I ate a lot of cornflakes during those two weeks.

  2. I’m curious about the antler chews – has anyone used them? They sell them at our local pet supply store and say they’re great, and that they don’t make a mess.. I am not convinced as I can foresee the “marrow” inside the antlers flaking off, getting swallowed etc. and wonder how much mess and even choking hazard could result.

    That and they’re kind of pricey and we have plenty of other toys, but the dogs are very interested in them…

  3. Antler chews were recommended to me by my pup’s breeder–who noted that they need to be split lengthwise or have the marrow in some way accessible. I bought a small one and my puppy has been enjoying it, working on it while he teethes. He’s made some inroads into the marrow. I plan to buy him a larger one soon.

  4. My family hunts and collects antlers and my Scottie loves the antlers. Granted they are whole antlers not a piece like from most pet stores. But it is my Scottie’s favorite thing it’s bigger then him and he carries it everywhere!

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