Thoughts on antler chews and heartworm meds

Since Scottie News is in the process of replacing the “recent comments” feature, you might have missed the following comments, which we’d like to bring to your attention. CBMum had a question re antler chews:

I’m curious about the antler chews – has anyone used them? They sell them at our local pet supply store and say they’re great, and that they don’t make a mess.. I am not convinced as I can foresee the “marrow” inside the antlers flaking off, getting swallowed etc. and wonder how much mess and even choking hazard could result.

That and they’re kind of pricey and we have plenty of other toys, but the dogs are very interested in them…

There’s a store near where we used to live that sells unwrapped bones and antler chews in big bins, kind of like health food stores do with their products. I’m assuming that’s the situation at CBMum’s local pet store and why her dogs’ curiosity is piqued. But the antler chew I bought was packaged and polished like the one shown above, which is probably why it remains ignored.

As a result, I can’t really comment on the more natural antlers. But next time I’m in  the old nabe, I’ll look into the pet store to see if they’ve got any of the less processed antlers available and then report back. I remember they were only for sale at certain times of the year after the antlers were shed and they sold out quickly.

Sonya writes:

Please help need to know what brand of heart worm meds work best on your scotty’s.
My vet can’t get intercepter and I don’t want to use just any brand. So please let me know what you are using. Thank you.

Over to you, Scottie News commenters.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts on antler chews and heartworm meds

  1. I have had wonderful luck with Heartgard Plus once a month chewy tablets (like a treat!) I also use Frontline drops on the back for fleas and ticks and have had no problems.

  2. My scottie Whitey loves the antlers, but the pet store owners said some dogs love them while others will not have anything to do with them. I also give him cows ears which are not messy but he can eat a hugh one all gone in a matter of about 20 mins. Wondering about the digestion but never seems to be a problem. commets?

  3. Thanks Ann for bumping up my question on the antlers!

    I’ve had experience with a Scottie eating toys or having pieces of chews getting lodged and making her sick/almost fatally so I’m very leery of letting them try new things. I’d be concerned about cow ears in the same way as rawhide chews but that’s me, maybe some Scotties have iron-clad digestive tracts.

    1. one more thing since you mentioned cow ears. I’ve been using this recipe with my scotties for a while now and they love it. I also value that I know everything that goes into them, something I’m never too sure of when i see pig ears in the stores. I’m really big on making my own food for my scotties.

      They come out a little different than the ones in the store, but they’re great. These are my go to treats when I have to time to make them.

  4. Pros: long lasting, no smell, no mess
    Cons: They last so long that my scotties lost interest

    Deer antlers are fine and I’ve been giving them to my scotties for a few years now. No problem or worries with undigestible flakes. They are so tough to break that it will take a LONG time for any progress to be made on them, even by aggressive chewer standards. Just be sure to throw them out when they get to be less than 3 inches in length so your scotties don’t accidentally swallow them whole. I don’t know if I’d necessarily recommend them though bc they tend to last so long that my scotties lose interest and now they barely touch them. It was fun until the novelty wore off on them.

    If you do want to try them out, antlers tend to be expensive when packaged up all nice in plastic, usually $9 plus for a small/medium sized piece. I usually buy a bag (buckarooz I think they’re called) of them when I see them and they are something like $30 for a pound and come in a net bag. At that price, I hand them out like candy to other dogs/owners just so they can try them too.

    But now the antlers just lay around the house without much attention. I’ll hide them in the toy bin and then they’ll make an appearance every now and then, but just like most things in life, it’s never the same as the first indulgence. Never seen the unpolished ones, so can’t comment on those.

    1. Wow, thanks for that review. Maybe we’ll try one. Our local shop sells the unpolished/ unwrapped ones. As you said the small ones seemed to be about $9 – $11. Our dogs have the cleaned cattle bones, they’re several years old but since little Bella came into our lives (actually a year ago today!) they have really taken a hammering! They show no sign of getting tired of them, so that probably bodes well for antlers too. Thanks again!

  5. My two Scottie’s love the antler chews, and there teeth are really white. I do not forsee any chocking hazard with them. I strongly recommend them.

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