Unusual markings make Wallace a Scottie celeb

Wallace the Scottish Terrier with unusual markings


Wallace the Scottish Terrier with unusual markings

Four-year-old Scottish Terrier Wallace has become a Facebook sensation, thanks to his unusual and distinctive markings, which give him a George Clooney-esque look.

According to Scottish Terrier Rescue Northwest:

His coloration is indeed unique but his conformation and character are all Scottie. We were told that his breeder tried to breed specifically to produce wheaten colored Scotties and that all the pups in his litter where in fact wheaten. Wallace’s coloration is undoubtedly from a latent gene combination not seen in Scotties for many, many generations. Wallace is truly one of a kind and he won’t be producing any offspring. He came to us neutered but we would have had it done anyway. We do not place intact Scotties. When they come to rescue they are removed from the breeding pool for their sake and the sake of the breed. We want Wallace and all the rescued Scotties that come to us to be loved and admired for who they are.

8 thoughts on “Unusual markings make Wallace a Scottie celeb

  1. OH MY!!! His peep sent me these same photos of his glorious self through another Scottie owner. We had planned to have some Foto Fun with him, but decided he was too much Fun on his own! What a wonderful coat! Don’t you just love it????

    Arooo, Stuart

  2. Wow! Fancy! This is a bit like there’s some Schnauzer in there but nope, he looks All-Scot! A Coat of Many Colors indeed! 😀

  3. That is a good looking Scottie, time for us to stop being so narrow minded about the colouration of the breed, health, temperament, and build are more important.

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