Westie Wednesday with a trio of Scottie puppies

There were way more Westies than Scotties in yesterday’s Tartan Day parade video, so today we’re going to try and restore the balance by allowing some Scottish Terrier puppies to steal the show. Here’s Aunt Daisy the West Highland Terrier with her Scottie nieces and nephews, the adorable crew you’ve seen before.

The Puppies meet Aunt Daisy from Scottie Family on Vimeo.

And here’s a Westie Wednesday question for you: Do you like West Highland Terrier Wednesday or resent it? I ask because someone recently sent me a note saying they were unsubscribing due to Westie Wednesday (among other things.) They wanted all Scotties all the time.

Personally, I enjoy doing Westie Wednesday, as it adds some variety, but don’t let that stop you from speaking your mind.

12 thoughts on “Westie Wednesday with a trio of Scottie puppies

  1. Love Westie Wednesdays! Please continue posting stories about our wee Highland Cousins. Adds a little balance to my Scottie obsession.

  2. Did they not know this before they subscribed?

    You can only pander to the audience so much until you have changed from being what most everyone signed up for, to what all the squeaky wheels want. Squeaky wheels have the right to squeak but you have the right to remain true to yourself. JMO 🙂

  3. About the person who wants to unsubscribe due to Westie Wednesday: Is not this site called “Scottish Terrier and Dogs News?” Are not Westies dogs (although most owners may disagree due to human characteristics)? And Scotties are dogs, too, even though my precious Fiona believes she’s human. So let’s celebrate our cousins and nieces, nephews and the like, for many people don’t seem to know how precious our four-legged friends are to us. Thanks for being there for all of us, Scotty News!!

  4. A lot of us Scottie owners also own a Westie! Scotties and Westies go well together. I vote to keep Westie Wednesday!!!!!!

  5. I am a Westie owner so I love Westie Wednesday! Please don’t stop it! I enjoy it and sometimes tweet Westie Wednesdays out to our followers on @westiesinneed so please keep up the great work!

  6. I also love Westie Wednesday. I have Westies as well as Scotties and consider them all part of my Scottish family!

  7. Being owned by both a Westie and a Scottie, I believe we can give one day a week to the Westies. Keep Westie Wednesday.

  8. I’m with everyone else on this. Westies are our Scots Brithrin and it’s usually, what? one Westie item or so per week? You can’t please all the people all the time, but don’t go changin’..!
    – Ceilidh & Bella

  9. I love Westie Wednesdays! One of Malcolm’s BFFs is a Westie and I look forward to it every week. Keep up the great work Ann.

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