Maggie-Mae the Scottie dog,-Alpaca-Herder

Write a Scottish Terrier photo caption

Maggie-Mae the Scottie dog,-Alpaca-Herder

Maggie-Mae,-Alpaca-Herder by Laurie2123 on Flickr

10 thoughts on “Write a Scottish Terrier photo caption

  1. “Whoa, a pack ‘o alpacas! What funny long legs and necks you have. Someone forget to finish shaving, eh?”

  2. Alpaca on the far right: “Pssst, Roger, the short black one looks like he’d be fun at the party. Can we ask him to join?”
    #2 Alpaca: “Yeah, looks like a lampshade kinda guy. But he’s gotta lose the leash and whatever’s on the other end of it.”

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