Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket

Dog life jacket reviews — because Scotties sink like bricks

Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket
Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket

Yes, we know, there are Scottish Terriers who are expert swimmers and divers and who’ve managed to survive in the water under very scary circumstances. But, truthfully most Scotties are kind of goofy in the deep and even the shallow. They need constant supervision around water and, unless you are a trained lifeguard who feels confident about carrying out a rescue, you should consider following Bell’s peeps’ example and getting your dog a life jacket. That way you won’t have to be plunge into the water, dog wrestle and risk getting scratched up. You can just grab the handle and hoist your soaking wet terrier package to safety.

Especially recommended is the Kyjen Outward Hound Designer Pet Saver Life Jacket, Small, Orange, which has a multitude of five-star reviews. One Scottie-owning  reviewer writes: “Loved this jacket, fit my Scottish Terrier Mandy perfectly worked well in every respect. We took her canoeing this weekend and she loved floating & swimming with the jacket much better than her old jacket as this one supports her much better under her belly and neck area. Really well made should last a very long time!”

In case you can’t find it, here’s a size chart:

xx-small = 11″-14″ girth, up to 11 Lbs.
x-small = 15″-19″ girth, up to 18 Lbs.
small = 19″-24″ girth, 15-25 Lbs.
Med = 22″-29″ girth, 20-50 Lbs.
Large = 26″-35″ girth, 40-70 Lbs.
x-large = 31″-41″ girth, over 70 Lbs.

Please chime in and add any life jacket recommendations of your own.

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15 thoughts on “Dog life jacket reviews — because Scotties sink like bricks

  1. I have found that one of the most important details in a dog life jacket is that it fit the dog property and is large enough to support the dog, especially a Scottie since they are quite heavy. Both Ozzie and Angus wear the Kyjen Outward Hound jackets. The best thing about these jackets besides the quality, is the velcro band — not straps — that support their midsections. Angus’s first jacket had two straps that, when we lifted him out of the water by the handle, they really dug into his tummy. The Kyjen is very user friendly!

  2. We also have the Outward Hound life jacket for our Scottie, and have recommended it to several other dog owners. I like that the handle is sturdy enough to use to lift him back into the boat, and as another poster mentioned, like the velcro band under his belly.

  3. I agree that the outward hound jacket is the way to go. I have them for all of my dogs, including my scottie/westie mix. She wears the size small and is 19lbs. Don’t you wish your dog(s) always had a convenient handle on their backs to lift them 🙂

  4. My daughter told me they sink when Duncan was a pup-we camp but haven’t taken him yet. He is coming up on 4 years old this August and it’s time to take him and go fishing. I am so ecstatic to have someone who I trust tell me it is so and offer a good life jacket! This is a must now for us!!! TYSVM!!!

  5. Have a Scottinese pup who is four months old. Can you send me any information on this hybrid. Would like to see pictures also.

  6. I am happy to announce that I love Duncan’s Kyjen Outward Hound Designer Pet Saver Life Jacket. Not only that, HE was very comfortable in it and I left a review on sizing on Amazon. I needed to fit the large girth of his chest and this is perfect! Love the handle on the back and used it with easy. It distributed his weight (that was a first) and I am pretty small but had no trouble picking him up. Now, my research continues on doggie car restraints…

  7. Carla,

    I no longer use the car harnesses after watching crash test videos I saw linked on Dog Jaunt. I now put my dogs in a “pet tube” for car travel.

  8. Thank you Jen. I really appreciate that. I have never heard of a pet tube and would love it if you could give me some information on brands, etc. or additional reading information.
    Thank you!

  9. Our Scottie, Ansel, in keeping with his highly motivated personality is an excellent swimmer and diver! He dives for fish. He’s a rescue and this is his second year of pond fishing.

  10. Hey… my girl swims like a fish. When I’m trout fishing Mae will wade out and when she cant touch bottom, start to swim to me in the middle of the stream. I’ll send pictures.

  11. I have always heard that Scotties sink like bricks so we were quite surprised when we found out our Scottie, Buster, could swim! He gets in the pool with us but when we take him camping to the river we have a life jacket for him. He’s the first Scottie we’ve had and he turned 10 in May. He’s still very active. I can’t imagine life without him!

  12. Oh my. I had to get my scottie a life jacket because she just loved to swim. She wouldn’t sink like a brick until she had swum her little heart out. We spent a lot of time on a boat and she would just jump off into the Long Island Sound. A life jacket was key. And she didn’t mind it at all.

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