The unfortunate Shaggy: Is he a Photoshop creation? We never found out

On the fifth anniversary of the Scottie News, a big thank you to our readers

The unfortunate Shaggy: Is he a Photoshop creation? We never found out
The unfortunate Shaggy: Is he a Photoshop creation or a genuine Scottie hybrid? We never found out

Dear Scottie News readers,

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News turns five years old this month so we’re going to take the occasion to dig back into out archives and bring you some of our biggest Scottie scoops. Today we’re featuring the stories that made headlines in 2007.

Unfortunately, some of the links in these “greatest hits” posts no longer work. Five years appears to be a very long time to keep everything up and functioning on the internet.

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Top stories of 2007

Why small dogs are dangerous

Two globetrotting Scottish Terriers: Since their peeps added little humans to the family, these Scotties haven’t been on the road nearly as much

Investing in a Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier video: Fetching beer for the peeps

Kentucky Congressman caught up in Scottie scandal: (RIP Bosley)

Scottish Terrier gets treated for a skunk hit

When Mom’s a Scottie and Dad’s a boxer

Found: Photos of Polish President’s Scottie (RIP Lech and Maria Kaczynski)

Famous Scottie Friday: an oldie but goodie

Reader discretion advised: Scottie featured in soft porn

Chicken massacre: Scottish Terrier found not guilty

Scottish Terrier wins lottery

Names for Scottish Terriers (and Westies too): The all-time, most commented-upon post at the Scottie News

A very Canadian Scottish Terrier

Fat Scottie tries new doggie diet pill

Brazilian trims for Scotties

Performance art video: Scotties in a bucket

Scottish terrier spanked, tied to D.C. sex scandal

Rove calls Barney “a lump”

The final verdict on the Shaggy designer dog controversy

Canine social networking dilemmas

Elvis, Skunk tie for first place in Halloween Contest plagued by judging irregularities

Scottish terrier refuses to dress up

Is it wrong to dress dogs in Halloween costumes?

Rescue Scottie featured in rags-to-riches tale

Scoop: Photo of Vladimir Putin with poodle!!!! (The story that put the Scottie News on the map)

Scottie News will defend a cat

It’s tough being a design icon: Discrimination against Scotties

Thanksgiving memo to a mother-in-law: Stop feeding that dog!!!

Are Scottish Terriers hard to train? Videos of well-trained Scotties

Scottie dog video: That is one tough mama! (Get ready for Mother’s Day)

Topless woman with Scottish Terrier photo

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