Scottish Terrier puppy dies at pet resort

The Scottie News apologizes for bringing you this sad story. Please let it serve as a cautionary tale and be sure to carefully check any dog boarding operations before you leave your dog in their care.

RIP, Batman.

6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier puppy dies at pet resort

    1. It may not matter how carefully you check out a pet sitter. Accidents happen. I just met a lady with a one-eyed Japanese Chin. Well just the week before, she left the dog with her neighbor, and the neighbors cat pulled out the dogs eye!!! I am scared to death to leave my dogs anywhere now.

      Regarding the dog knowing how to swim–they all know how. What they don’t know is how to get out of the pool. I also think animals float for some time before they get water logged and sink.

      1. I agree with you on all counts, Monica. An accident can happen even at the best kennel or with the best sitter.

        And you ae exactly right about the swimming.

  1. Yes, very sad, Batman looks such a lovely pup!
    I don’t leave with Kirk with anyone now, she lives with me and mum… and stays with one of us or goes with both of us. My sister used to have her overnight when we went to London, but I kept ringing and asking how she was and Kirk cried so much without us, well it’s just better to have her with us. Since Dad died she does get upset if either one of us goes away for more than a weekend, but we have both learned to distract her when left alone with her. Yes, I know she rules us, but we made that choice before she became part of our family, she is our baby and we treat her as such.
    Kirk does not swim, she can shift her legs a bit, but after 5 seconds sinks like lead!
    Sheena (Liverpool)

  2. indeed very sad. i hope they find out what went wrong. Scotties can be quite hard to babysit ( esp since mine doesn’t like strangers so the only ppl who can babysit him is family!) but still that is in no way an excuse for what happend so tragically.

  3. This is so sad, yet so preventable. Scotties are not good swimmers even if they know how to swim. My girls don’t go ANYWHERE near the pool without their life vests on. My local pet resort has a pool, and they are extremely knowledgeable about all dog breeds, so they know the quirks that certain breeds have. But I’m so overprotective that I won’t leave my girls there. I just take them to play while I sit around talking to the other doggie parents. When I go on a trip where I can’t take them, and I try to limit those kinds of trips, they stay with my parents. I know my parents take extremely good care of them because they love them almost as much as I do, so I never have to worry about them. It is a relief to know that they are safe, but should an accident happen, God forbid, I know that my folks will see that they get the best of care.

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