Sing out your love for your Scottie

Lisa writes:

This is “our rescue scottie Mac singing along to the song ‘Loving You’. He always starts singing as soon as he hears this come on the radio, apparently he’s a big fan of Minnie Riperton!

Our family adopted Mac and Molly together as they were getting on so well at their temporary home. Molly was given away because her original owners became ill and unable to look after her, but Mac was rescued because he had a horrible past with abusive owners. When we first got them, Mac took a long while to get comfortable, he would cower when approached, never played with toys and he would even growl sometimes when a man would pet him. He’s been with us three years, it took a lot of work but he’s transformed into this loving Scottie who trusts his family and even cuddles up on the sofa with us, plays tug of war and loves to sing along when we sing or with certain songs that play, especially this Minnie Riperton song!

“Loving You” by Mac from Mac & Molly on Vimeo.

Scottie News finds it interesting that Mac’s companion Molly appears to have little musical interest — unlike these singing Scottish Terriers.

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Dr. Watson…(from Cambridge, MA.) According to his guardian Deborah, he’s saying…” Okay and Ole!, Mom… I know you like a good fiesta….but this scottie does not care for tequila…only single malt!”

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