Sporting news from the weekend

Scottish Terrier with football
Scotty and Soccer Ball by diorinspired on Flickr (click photo to see original)

Someone should photoshop the guy above into the photo below:

G8 leaders watch Chelsea beat Bayern Munich

Congrats to all our Chelsea-supporting Brit readers.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Bridget got a major workout yesterday when she encountered this plane at the park. Even though it was hot and she had just had a long walk with plenty of ball-chasing, she ran around like a crazy dog  trying to catch it. It was better than having a personal trainer. And I’m trying to figure out if the novelty would wear off if I were to buy one to keep her in shape.

Anyone had any experience with exercising their dog with a radio-controlled plane?


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    1. Aw, didn’t realize Duffy was your inspiration. I love that shot. Thanks for letting me use it.

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