The biggest Scottish Terrier stories of 2009

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As the fifth anniversary of the Scottie News rapidly approaches, we continue our look back. This week, we feature some of our favourite posts from 2009:


Dutch Scottish Terrier honoured, saves 35 in fire

Scottish Terriers rescued from puppy mill

Pregnant Scottish Terrier seized in puppy mill raid

California Scottish Terrier returns after 4-years away

Sadie makes her mark the year before her Westminster win

Sadie the Scottie potties at Westminster

Sadie the champion Scottish Terrier is a rich girl!

Exclusive!!! Revealing photos of Sadie the Scottish Terrier champion and her Chihuahua consort, Tad

Scottish Terrier Sadie keeps on winning best-in-show titles

Other Terrier News

Norfolk Terrier folk offer up stripping advice

Seeking information on Bushland Terriers

Scottish Terrier mixes including Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Pugotties, Skorkies and more

Terrierman gets down and dirty about Crufts

Famous Scotties

First Dog Barney bowwows out

American Idol David Cook gets Scottie puppy

Famous Scottish Terriers: Queen Victoria’s Laddie

Neil Armstrong with Scottish Terrier Dog

Scottish Terrier ordered not to bark before Hitler

Arts and entertainment

Animating Scottish Terriers for Coraline movie

Talons of the Condor: First openly gay US president loves his Scottish Terrier

Bacon pinata turns out like Scottish Terrier

For all you fans of both mysteries and Scotties

A lift for Scottish terrier smugglers, originally uploaded by Yukes_Tokyo.

Health and safety

My poor Scottish Terrier is itchy, itchy, itchy

Scottie Dog Zelda recovers after stray voltage hit

Scottish Terrier owners, beware! Bridget sick after ingesting more Cuz ball feet

Seeking a cure for bladder cancer in Scottish Terriers

More on Angus the Scottie dog’s cataract surgery

Terrierman on over-vaccination of pets

Halloween: Keep your Scottish Terrier safe

‘I feel like I have a Pit Bull and not a Scottie’


What a bitch! And we’re not talking about the dog

Vicious Scottish Terrier gets deburred

Everyone stays calm in Beaver/Scottie encounter

Scottish Terriers in boxes: Not too stubborn to train

Scottish Terrier steals baby’s soother

Leno laughs it up over Scottish Terrier’s death

For Scottie collectors, a video tchotchke tour


A tribute to a Scottish Terrier friend: RIP Barnum

In memory of Bucca, beloved Scottish Terrier princess

RIP Riley McBarker the Scottish Terrier

Tributes: Casey of the Learning Garden

Scottish Terrier Tributes: RIP New Zealand Maggie

Scottish Terrier Tributes: Goodbye Mr. Scot

Dog tribute to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson


Are Scottish Terriers stupid, dumb, IQ challenged?

Rescue Scottish Terrier now has his own yacht

Scottish Terrier male mistaken for bitch

Scottish Terrier Nonomom births nine puppies

More great Scottish Terriers and Snow photos

What does a brindle Scottish Terrier look like?

Scottish Terrier Grooming disasters


Barbie’s Ken gets a West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier Wednesday: Famous Westies

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