The top Scottish Terrier stories of 2008

As the Scottie News prepares for its fifth birthday later this month, we’re revisiting some of the biggest stories we covered back in 2008.

Happy Birthday, Jake!, originally uploaded by David Densford.

Arts and entertainment

Movie talk: Bogie and Scottie star in Stand-In

First Annual Scottish Terrier Video Awards

W movie dogs on set with stars and Oliver Stone

Great Scottish Terrier Sculpture

Do-it-yourself Scottie graphic

(o o)——- ^
/ o \ ——–))
U ||)))))))||
/_\ /_\

Scottish dog issues

Scottish Terriers in Scotland

Should your dog wear a kilt for Robbie Burns day?

Kilt lovers object to skirted Scottie dogs

Why are Westies more popular than Scottie dogs?

Health coverage

Does Oliver, the video dog, have Scottie Cramp?

Perils of inbreeding: Bladder cancer in Scottie dogs

Scottish Terriers dying younger due to bad genes


How to find an expert Scottie dog groomer

What is the worst dog breed to groom? – Groomers disrespect Scotties

What does a shaved Scottish Terrier look like?


Happy Valentine’s Day from the Scottie News

Life with five rescue Scottish Terriers

The curious case of Sparko the robot Scottie dog

Judith Leiber Scottie Dog Handbag – $4,875

Statue will honour Scottie-owning Russian clown

Carnegie Mellon’s Mascot Scottie Dog Hits Campus

Man about to stab Scottie with broken wine bottle

Scottish Terrier’s jaw sealed shut by chicken menu

Famous Scotties

Found: Photo of Jackie Kennedy and Scottie Dog

Did Hitler have a Scottish Terrier?

A Scottish Terrier rides the Hindenburg airship

Video favourites

Wow, this is one hyper Scottish Terrier!

Scottish Terriers Around the World: Estonia
The Steal: A Scottie News featured video

Monday cuteness: Scottie with Pomeranian puppy

Athletic feats

Scottish Terrier Diva swims like Olympian

Scottie News special 2008 Olympics edition

The training regime of a Scottie dog long jumper

Election year in the U.S.

Scottish Terrier Barney: A first dog’s farewell video

Video of Bush’s dog Barney biting reporter

Scottish Terrier Kenzie runs for president


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