The top Scottish Terrier stories of 2011

Walking my terrier.

Walking my terrier. by Milena.B., on Flickr

As the Scottie News celebrates its fifth anniversary this month, we’re bringing you some of our favourite stories from the archives. Here are the highlights of 2011:

Scotties in the news

Scottish Terrier rescued from horrific house of hoarders

To win cases, trial lawyer mentions his Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier hero saves owner’s life

Scottish Terrier prepares for royal wedding

Uh, oh! Jailed paedophile owned Scottish Terrier

Amy Winehouse’s Scottish Terrier connection

Man claimed to have crossed Scottish Terrier with cat

Scottish Terrier eats up inheritance

Buy a car, get a free Scottish Terrier puppy

Scottish Terrier with American flag


9-11 tenth anniversary dog news links

Sadie the champ becomes a Mom

Scottish Terrier champ Sadie is pregnant!!!!!

Found: Sadie’s Baby Daddy, Winston

Photo of champion Scottish Terrier Sadie’s puppies

Arts and entertainment

Scottish Terrier sculpture looks like love child of Toto and the Tin Man

Scottish Terrier is six feet tall, 1653 lbs

Make a Scottish Terrier fur (hair) rug

Idaho Scottish Terrier aims for internet domination

Health and safety

Help for itchy Scottish Terriers

Scottish Terriers rank high for cancer

Scottish Terrier participates in clinical trial for bladder cancer treatment

How often do you walk your Scottish Terrier? (one of the most commented upon posts ever)

What’s the latest you’ve ever seen a Scottish Terrier’s ears perk up?

Seeking help with an aggressive Scottie dog


Scottish Terriers hit the road

Scottish Terrier dons elegant wedding attire

Photo shows how the Scottish Terrier has evolved

No comment, says the Scottie News

Scottish Terriers who look like celebrities (There are some unresolved items here that Scottie News will attempt to settle this week)

Discovered! Another Jackie Kennedy Scottie photo

Write a Scottish Terrier photo caption to start the week – Scottie News readers responded to the photo below with some excellent captions

Scottish Terrier with orange tabby cat



Video edition: Are Scottish Terriers smart? Part III

No cat was harmed during the making of this Scottish Terrier video

Video: Rare Brazilian Rasta Scottish Terrier

A Scottish Terrier intelligence test


RIP Whiskie, the Scottish Terrier movie star

Tributes: Shalimar of Estonia, multi-culti Scottish Terrier extrordinaire

RIP, Bosley: Scottish Terrier enjoyed life as a Washington insider

RIP, Roscot Bilbo Baggins, beloved Scottish Terrier

Westie Wednesday

Westie news so good it can’t wait until Wednesday

Westie Wednesday: another grooming mix-up

Dramatic West Highland Terrier Rescue Wednesday

Furjazzling for Westie Wednesday

Confusing West Highland Terrier Wednesday

West Highland Terrier Wednesday remembers Harry

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