This week’s top dog stories

Horus in the pool

Where to send your dog when you’re on vacay

Instead of kennels, more and more dog peeps are opting to send Fido to a specially screened dog sitter, some of whom will even send you photos and videos to ensure your mind’s at rest. Read more

Steer clear of dog treats from China

According to updated records kept by the Food and Drug Administration, chicken jerky pet treats from China have sickened nearly 1,000 dogs in the U.S. in recent months. Read more

Help. Which dog study should I believe?

Dog study headlines on Google News

As you can see, a news study about whether aggressive people tend to have aggressive dogs has generated some contradictory headlines. The Scottie News thinks the Wall Street Journal has the clearest interpretation of what the study really says.  Guess when you’re used to dealing with mortgage-backed securities, a dog study is a walk in the park. Read more