Tim Tebow with his dog

This week’s top dog stories

Scotland’s saddest dog finds a home

Two-year-old Scooby the Staffordshire Terrier had spent more than half of his life in kennels in the care of the Scottish SPCA, but things are now looking up. Read more

What your dog is really thinking

Scientists use MRI scans to look at dogs’ brains. The idea for the study was sparked after one of the scientists learned that dogs were involved in the U.S. military’s mission to kill Osama bin Laden.  Read more

Tim Tebow renames his dog

Tim Tebow with his dogThe controversial quarterback is moving from Denver to New York to play for the Jets so he didn’t think having a dog named Bronco was suitable Read more

United Airlines ends canine profiling

Pitbulls will now be allowed to fly. Chicago-based United, which merged with Continental Airlines, adopted Continental’s PetSafe program on March 3. Read more

Here’s some video from last summer showing how Continental treats flying pets.