Tips and suggestions from readers

Tertius and Pliny

Beth added a suggestion to the list of Scottie dog books for children:

Ann, the book by Charlotte Voake reminded me of another book, “Tertius and Pliny”: . Tertius is a stuffed Scottish Terrier, and Pliny is an airline pilot. It’s a very charming book, but out of print. I think I found it at Barnes and Noble, on the remainder rack for 2.99… It’s worth seeking out (although it seems to be hard to find), if you’re interested in children’s books with Scotties.

There are currently a few used copies available on Amazon.

Kathy wrote with more information on dog life jackets:

I have found that one of the most important details in a dog life jacket is that it fit the dog property and is large enough to support the dog, especially a Scottie since they are quite heavy. Both Ozzie and Angus wear the Kyjen Outward Hound Jackets. The best thing about these jackets besides the quality, is the velcro band — not straps — that support their midsections. Angus’s first jacket had two straps that, when we lifted him out of the water by the handle, they really dug into his tummy. The Kyjen is very user friendly!

Waveney sent a link to a story on the last surviving 9/11 rescue dogs complete with many fabulous photos.