Hitting the road with a Scottish Terrier

Seamus travelling as a puppy 2
Seamus travelling as a puppy 2

Travelling with dogs seems like a good topic to cover as we bid farewell to June and usher in July. Reader Hillary writes:

I am a travel journalist based in New Jersey, right outside of NYC. I take my Scottie Seamus on a lot of drive-able trips (mostly for fun, sometimes for work) and blog about it here: www.lifewithluggage.com. I’ve hadĀ Scotties all of my life, but as I’m sure you know some of them don’t travel as well as others. Luckily Seamus enjoys coming along for the ride and he is a great (if typically high-maintenance) travel companion. He has now been to every state on the East Coast and then some.

Below Seamus checks out the dyed fountain in Savannah:

Seamus at the dyed fountain in Savannah
Seamus does Savannah

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6 thoughts on “Hitting the road with a Scottish Terrier

  1. He is sooo cute. and I love the name. My boys (Ozzie and Angus) are the best traveling dogs I have ever had. You would not even know they are in the car with us. We go back and forth every weekend to the lake. Our new puppy (long story) is getting used to the traveling but he is doing really well. Seamus is a lucky boy!

  2. My two Scotties Alistair Barley and Tavish Gordon LOVE to travel in our RV. Our front dash is flat and they get up on the carpeted dash and lay down and watch the road go by. They caused a wreck in I-95 in Miami as two cars tried to watch them and occupy the lane in front of us at the same time. Luckily no one was hurt.

  3. Our two dogs (Mary – Scottie) and Frank (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) go with me every day to work. Our “work” is delivering flowers for our flower shop all around the area. Sometimes we travel over 250 km in one day and many times we’re in the car up to 6 hours at a time! Mary and Frank sit in the back seat and take it all in – it’s wonderful for me to have my babies with me — and it’s wonderful for them as they’re constantly going for car rides. Their most favourite time, of course, is when we go through a drivethrough restaurant and they get their treats!

    1. that sounds like a dream job to me. I would much rather commute with my boys than with the people who ride the bus!

  4. I have an RV and travel with Cormac, Alistair, and Tavish. So far they have been to every state but Alaska and Hawaii. They are excellent no trouble passenger/traveling companions. The best part of the road is when we pull into our overnight parking place and they begin singing for everybody. They crack me up.

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