Looking for Scottie groomer in Columbus, OH

A reader needs a groomer in Columbus. Can anyone add it to the list?

5 thoughts on “Looking for Scottie groomer in Columbus, OH

  1. Hello Cbus Ohio,
    We attended Fido Fest in Worthington last fall. While strolling the booths we were approached by this booth, given a free lead, a cup, and a magnet. The lady commented on my Scotties and said that they had a lady that stripped Scotties. I declined because I groom my own. My dogs swim almost everyday and they need to be clipped on top,not stripped. I did appreciate the info and I’ll bet the lady who strips, just might clip as well and know what she’s doing. I won’t let anyone clip mine except me but if I did, they would be the first ones I’d try. Here is the website, please comment if you go and like it because maybe I will try them sometime. http://www.lifetimepetwellness.com/

  2. Thanks for that very helpful information, Allison. I’ll pass it on to the reader in case she didn’t see this.

  3. Thanks for the information. I will call them and discuss the possibility and ask for references from Scottie clients. I am a little gun shy as the last groomer I tried totally shave off Wylie’s ear tufts!

  4. Not the ear tufts, lol! :) I’ve done that before. I am not yet proficient in cutting the angle of the ear tufts either. You can hold their ear out and cut, but when you let it go, the hair doesn’t lay how you thought it might. If my dogs would leave their ears up when I cut the them, they would be perfect tufts!

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  5. I am looking for a Scottish terrier groomer south of Columbus Ohio if possible, if need be I will travel to Columbus. I have been through sooooo many groomers, they all claim to know Scottys and claim to have cut Scottys….but every single time there is an issue. I thought maybe I was being overly picky, until I ran across this site lol. In all honesty I would love to be able to find someone who would teach me to do my dogs hair. It has been such an issue finding a competent groomer down here, that I am willing to pay someone to teach me. Could use some help in Athens please.

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