Lucky Scottish Terrier attends luxury doggie day camp

Scottie attends luxury doggie daycare
Dexter gets chauffeured to and from camp

Oh, to be in England:

Every morning between 8am and 10am, six vans drive around well-heeled areas of London picking up labradors, spaniels and pugs from lawyers, teachers, MPs and celebrities. Captain Colin, a feisty pug in a glittery collar, belongs to comedian Russell Kane.

After a busy day haring around a field, the dogs are delivered home between 4pm and 6pm.

They have personal report cards that inform their owners of their pick-up and drop-off time, and include a few snippets about their day.

‘Dempsey had a really good day at the farm enjoying her time with friends. In the afternoon we went for a lovely walk in the woods. She also had a little nap.’ You get the gist.

Scottie News knows what you’re all wondering — how much does it cost? £25 a day or US$40. And for even more, you can get special obedience and agility lessons.

Halo Dogs’ peeps can also check out the atmosphere on videos posted on YouTube. Dexter the Scottish Terrier appears to be something of a loner, going about his business happily enough, but mostly on his own.

Update: A reader just let me know I posted the wrong video. It’s been corrected.

5 thoughts on “Lucky Scottish Terrier attends luxury doggie day camp

  1. this looks very scottie imo. Mine does the same when I get him to the parks. Just hang around me, while all other dogs are running and playing. He just gives some run when the other dogs are making too much noise. So he runs after, barks, little bites, and peace is back

  2. Dexter LOL. Maggie’s visits to the off-leash park consist of plunking herself in a far corner of the grounds far from the other dogs where she’s actively on “squirrel patrol” the rest of the afternoon. I liken it to the kid who reads a favourite book at the park while the other kids play baseball.

  3. Dexter is exactly like my Tartan! Cracked me up to see the entire dogs chase after the one worker and then you see Dexter just swaggering into the camera’s view. I took Tartan to Balboa Park, San Diego for our Memorial Day weekend. Nate’s dog park in Balboa is wonderful with grass and trees! Instead of running about with the other doggie pals, Tartan is swaggering around doing his own thing.

  4. You know, this is very interesting. I do the same thing. That Dexter could have been me. Just wandering around like, “What are all these dogs doing?”, and I think that’s fascinating.

    Arooo, Stuart

    1. Bridget likes to “police” the dog park, chase around after pairs/groups of playing dogs and keep the peace.

      The problem is her peace-keeping scares a lot of people.

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