RIP, Lovely LuLu, mom to Bridget and so much more

Lulu taken May 16 2012 - her last photo
LuLu taken May 16 2012 - her last photo

Julie pays tribute to her dog LuLu, who she didn’t realize has a special connection to the Scottie News. Lovely LuLu, as she was officially known, was my dog Bridget’s mother. Here’s her story:

LuLu was a retired breeding dog, and upon researching and falling in love with the Scottish terrier breed, I visited the Mucklewags’ website looking for a puppy. Never did I think about adopting an adult! Their advertisement called Lou “Quite contemplative at times and staying outside long after all the other dogs had come in” – I fell in love with the description and quickly called to make an appointment to meet her.

Upon arriving to a “sea of Scotties” we spoke long about adopting an adult Scottie, and about the breed! She would be MY first dog, though I have grown up around dogs my whole life. There was a playful little chomper alongside Lulu who I found out was Flora, Lulu’s pup. The breeder was keeping her to have litters. She was only six months old.

Long story short, five days later, we took home Lulu AND Flora together! Flora was purchased on a breeding contract, to be returned when she was in heat and to have puppies. Our family was overjoyed. Lulu and Flora played nonstop and did EVERYTHING together, including chasing birds, squirrels, cats and all the wild vermin in our area. I remember Lulu bringing me a robin one day, presenting it to me – I nearly threw up but gave her a pat on the head and told her what a good girl she was for catching the bird.

I refer to Lulu as my “gentle giant”. She was 30 pounds of LOVE! She was my shadow and followed me everywhere. Always eager for snuggles and cuddles, it was quite common to see me on the couch with Lulu sleeping on my belly, and Flora snuggling up at my feet. She LOVED to sit outside and stare at the scenery. I totally agree she was one contemplative dog and wish I could have known what she was thinking.

She also did what we called her “3 legged dance”. Every time she got excited about someone coming home, or going for a walk, she would lift her front paw in the air and dance around on the other 3 paws. It was quite comical!

Just last month she acquired an injury and had trouble walking, we still aren’t sure if it was her legs or her back, as she was quite a stoic dog, not showing much of any pain (I recall a time when the groomer clipped the tip of her ear and had no idea until she saw blood! Lulu never yelped). The vet recommended cortisone, and it was during this therapy we found her quietly sleeping on the floor one afternoon. She was gone, at the young age of 7. Upon researching, I am beginning to wonder if she had undiagnosed Cushing’s syndrome, complicated from the cortisone. The symptoms can be quite subtle, and unless you are really watching, can be missed.

Rest in peace my gentle giant. You will forever be remembered as my first love.

11 thoughts on “RIP, Lovely LuLu, mom to Bridget and so much more

  1. My condolences. Enjoyed reading Lulu’s story. She was beautiful. Feeling a small part of your sadness.

  2. Julie, your story reminds me how intense our love can be for our precious Scotties. It’s the little quirks (“three legged dance”) that make them so special. So sorry for your loss. RIP beautiful LuLu.

  3. LuLu is gorgoes and sounded very sweet. She reminds me of our beloved Scotties. We had three – now only two. We recently lost our oldest to cancer. It is a very hard experience to go through. I am deeply sorry for your loss. My heart and my prayers go out to you.

  4. Gosh… only 7 and she looks beautiful in this picture. I love the 3 leg dance thing… that made me smile as my Kirk does daft things like that too 🙂 I see that Lulu found a loving home and was obiviously devoted to her new human mum.

  5. Really sorry to hear your sad news, still missing my 2 wonderful westies, Gretna aged 18 years and 11 months, and her wonderful son haggis aged 16 years, I was privileged to have them with so long, so sad lulu was so young. I’m sure every minute she was with you she was loved and adored, yourbgonna miss that little darling x

  6. So sorry for your loss. They’re with us for such a short time. It sounds like she was quite the character — such wonderful story of love: she knew she was forever yours.
    Deepest sympathies.

  7. Thank you to everyone. I still cry every time I find something or see something that reminds me of LuLu. Just today I was clearing off some files from my laptop and I found two photos of me laying on the couch and Lou licking my face! I had a giggle, and then a cry.
    We are expecting a male puppy to come home and be a new friend to Flora. We don’t have a name for him yet but he’s just over 3 weeks old and coming home end of September. We are so excited about our new addition.
    Scotties sure do own our hearts, don’t they? I could never get another breed.
    xoxo to my fellow Scottie lovers
    Julie (Lulu’s mum)

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