The week’s top dog stories

Do dogs have actual empathy for their crying peeps?

Plenty of pet owners are comforted by a pair of puppy-dog eyes or a swipe of the tongue when their dog catches them crying. Now, new research suggests that dogs really do respond uniquely to tears. But whether pets have empathy for human pain is less clear. Read more

RIP, Lucky Diamond, the Dog who set a record for posing with celebs

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Too much information — about one city’s dog poop

On an annual basis, dogs deposit 9,000 tonnes of droppings in Greater Victoria. Add to that another 15,000 tonnes of urine, and the total would fill 10 Olympic-class swimming pools. Imagine trying to clean that up, one pooper-scooper at a time.Read more

Dog sniffs out what’s worrying west coast killer whales

With the help of Tucker, a dog that can smell killer-whale scat from more than a kilometre away, researchers have learned that orcas become stressed by a lack of salmon, but not so much by tour boats. Read more