The week’s top dog stories

Thieves steal collar belonging to former first Airedale

President Warren Harding with Laddie
An antique dog collar belonging to former President Warren G. Harding’s beloved pet “Laddie Boy” has been stolen from the 29th president’s historic home in central Ohio. Read more

Man falsely accuses dog of setting apartment afire

A western Pennsylvania man who blamed his dog for causing an apartment fire has been jailed on charges that he set the blaze himself. Read more

Reminder: Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day

On June 22, millions of pets are expected to show up at workplaces around the United States. But for many companies, notably high-tech firms in Silicon Valley, well, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day.

“We’ve got hundreds of dogs at Google (GOOG) everyday,” says spokesman Jordan Newman. “We’ve allowed dogs to come to work since the early days because we find having your dog with you can make people more comfortable and thus more productive. Plus, it’s tough owning a dog and having it sit at home all day.” Read more