The week’s top dog stories

Meet Corgi Rae Jepsen …

You knew it was coming, the doggie version of the meme as Corgi covers Carly Rae’s Call me Maybe or should that be Woof me…Maybe?

Pain can cause aggression in dogs — even friendly ones

Dogs can sometimes suffer sudden episodes of aggression without their owners understanding why. But, in many cases, the cause of these attacks can be pain that has never been diagnosed or treated. For the first time, a study describes the characteristics of this irritability, which can make dogs violent and increase aggression in already conflictive individuals. Read more

What your dog says about you to the opposite sex

According to the Klooff iPhone app, the top dog breeds to attract men were:
5. Beagles
4. Poodles
3. Chihuahuas
2. Labrador Retrievers
1. Golden Retrievers

The top dog breeds to attract women were:
5. French Bulldogs
4. Siberian Huskies
3. Labrador Retrievers
2. Golden Retrievers
1. German Shepherds

The Daily Mail provides an interesting interpretation. Read more

2 thoughts on “The week’s top dog stories

  1. This list are missing something. When I take my scottie to the park I get so much male attention my scottie get fed up. When I take my westie only old ladies smile to me.

  2. LOL. Very true, Lise. I’ve had so many men stop to speak with me about my Scottie that I’m starting to think she’s got a magnetic force field around her. And she adores the attention.

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